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The best air purifiers for odors.

Odors. While some are great like fresh cookies, others can be a problem. With air purifiers for odors we are here to help.

Odors are tiny gases. They are much smaller than the dust and pollen you can sometimes see in the air. While HEPA air purifiers are great for removing many particles they are not so good with odors. Odors will simply pass right through the filter. It some cases they can capture the odors for a short time only to release them later.

How Do You Remove Odors?

The best way is with carbon. Carbon when activated acts like a sponge and adsorbs most odors. For an air purifier to be effective for odor removal it must have carbon.

Another way to remove odors is with ozone. The problem with ozone is that it is very dangerous to your health, especially your lungs. So, you do not want an air purifier with ozone since the problems they create are worse than the odor you are trying to remove.

To remove odors from your home or office, use any of our Air Purifiers for Odors and breathe easier. Also consider the new EJ Air Purifier. This cute guy has more than 3 pounds of advanced activated carbon, true HEPA filtration and is super quiet. If you need to remove stronger odors like smoke, the EJ will do better than our Max model.

Top 2 Air Purifiers

Did You Know?You can smell 1 trillion distinct scents
(odors). Women have a better sense
of smell than men.
Consumer Review
Coverage Area
Allergens, small to large pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, odors.
Bedroom, Office,
Living Room, Basement
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Allergens, small to large pollen, dust, mold, odors, pet dander, smoke.
Bedroom, Office, Living Room, Basement, Whole House
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What Our Customers Are Saying

air purifiers for odors

I own a business next to a nail salon and those fumes are something else. I started getting headaches out of nowhere and it took me a little while to realize that the fumes may be causing them. I'm of course concerned about my and my employee's health, but also the health of my patrons. I did a good bit of research and learned that I needed an air purifier with a lot of carbon to filter out the odors. I decided to go with the Oransi Erik Multi-Carbon after reading other reviews.

I need something that will cover a lot of space, a unit that's mobile, and a unit with really good filtration and the Erik air purifier has all 3. So far, I am impressed. I usually leave it running all day on a medium speed and may use the high speed in the morning (it's loud, but it helps). The more I use it, the more I notice the odors less and less. And my employees agree, plus we've gotten a few comments from our regular customers that they can't tell we're next to a nail salon anymore. My headaches have gotten a lot better too. I definitely recommend this for other businesses with the same problem. I'm sure it works great in homes too.

Bill from GA
air purifier for odors

The Oransi air purifier has literally saved my home. The odors were so bad in my living room from mildew that at time my eyes were burning. Our only alternative seemed to sell the house. In a last desperation we found the Oransi. We now have two air purifiers. They do the job and more. I can't recommend them highly enough. Great company! Fabulous Product!

Carol from Birmingham, AL

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