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Air Purifiers For Allergies

Every year, seasonal allergies kick into gear and send our immune systems into turmoil. Between those of us with chronic allergies and the seasonal allergy sufferers, everyone gets a timely dose of sneezing and sniffling. Allergies affect as many as 30 percent of American adults and 50 percent of children. In fact, 55% of U.S. residents test positive for one or more allergens. The reason for these untimely health interruptions? Allergy triggers are everywhere. Whether you're outdoors or indoors, allergies are set off by a combination of pollen, dust, pet dander or other pesky particles. Preventative measures should be taken to limit the allergen intake.

Whether you have mild allergies and are looking for relief in a small bedroom or are more sensitive to allergies and need the best, each of our Air Purifiers For Allergies will provide the relief you are looking for.

Did You Know?8.3 million children have
respiratory allergies.
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Coverage Area
Allergens, small to large pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, plus
light odors.
Bedroom, Office,
Living Room, Basement
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Allergens, small to large pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, plus
light odors.
Bedroom, Office,
Small Basement
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Dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, allergies, asthma, bacteria.
Bedroom, Office, Living Room, Basement, Whole House
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What Our Customers Are Saying

I love it. I have been using the purifier for almost three weeks now and it was the best purchase I ever made. I am super sensitive to smells and have been having a lot of allergy problems. I was willing to try just about anything to make things better, I visited someone who had one and checked it out before I purchased. I was very impressed so I went for it. As with most things that work you wished you had done it sooner. I am breathing so much better and feeling much better. I am recommending this to anyone who mentions having problems. Recommend others buy it? I sure do. Don't hesitate, order now and feel better real soon.

Alice King from Bellingham, WA

I was a little skeptical at 1st but living in Atlanta and pollen off the charts it's crazy. The 1st day we got it we plugged it in and within 30 min my husband's allergies and mine dissipated, we couldn't believe it also the amount of dust, pollen, dander are nearly non existent. I can't say enough good things about it, it has improved our lives tremendously.

Diane from Atlanta, GA

My wife and I are both allergy sufferers and central Oklahoma is one of the top ten places NOT to live if you have allergies. After spending the last year with terrible allergy problems, which caused numerous sinus infections, bronchitis and severe lack of sleep, we decided to take action. We did some research and found that the Oransi Max was the highest rated air purifier on the market. We purchased one and so far have found it to live up to its reputation. We noticed a difference the first day we used it! We have been able to sleep all night without waking up to coughing fits and severe sinus blockage. The unit is very portable and we move it from room to room as needed, while working in the kitchen or watching TV in the living room. We particularly enjoy the special features like the variable fan speed and the the timer. I highly recommend this unit to anyone who suffers with allergies!

Mark Hollingsworth from Ada, OK
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