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The Oransi Air Purifier Education Center.

Learn about indoor air quality, HEPA air purifiers, asthma, allergens and more, as well as how Oransi air purifiers can provide relief and keep your home clean.


Molds exist everywhere and can cause serious health concerns. With proper care you can reduce or eliminate them. See how with our mold information guide and best air purifiers for mold.


Learn about gas removal and how Oransi air purifiers are designed to remove difficult gases like methane, sulfur, formaldehyde, smoke and many others.

Asthma air purifiers

Asthma harms 25 million Americans every year. Prevent the dangerous lung disease from getting worse with any of our high performance air purifiers.

Air Filters

See how Oransi stacks up against the competition with respect to filter replacement media.

Allergy facts

See our infographics on allergies and indoor air quality to get the facts in an easy to read format.

Oransi Logo in Green

As a leader in cleaning products and technologies we often benchmark ourselves against the leaders from other industries especially when it comes to evolving trends such as our environmental footprint.

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