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The Rising Cost of Electricity

Infographic: Electricity Costs in the United States

The price of electricity can vary greatly between states and countries depending on a wide variety of contributing factors, including the energy source, sector and location. With electricty costs expected to rise over the next twenty years, Oransi plans to introduce even more energy-efficient air purifiers to help reduce the overall environmental impact of our company and customers. Click the infographic to view a larger version.

Electricity Cost Infographic

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<div style="width: 420px;"> <a href="http://www.oransi.com/v/vspfiles/assets/images/Electricity-infographic-Full.jpg"> <img src="http://www.oransi.com/v/vspfiles/assets/images/Electricity-infographic-Reduced.jpg" alt="Electricity Costs" /></a> Infographic authored by <a href="http://www.oransi.com">Oransi, LLC, an online retailer of HEPA air purifiers</a>. To view the original post, check out the original <a href="http://www.oransi.com/Electricity-Costs-in-the-United-States-s/119.htm">Electricity Costs Infographic</a>. </div>

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Electricity Costs Infographic
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