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As allergy and asthma sufferers ourselves, we have tried most of the air purifiers on the market and haven't found a competitor's product that has met our needs. Nearly all of their products that claim to be HEPA do not perform at that level and it further decreases over time meaning they don't clean the air like they should. With that as a background we build products that we want to use. With the Erik air purifiers we built the first high performance air purifiers made in USA and all of the key components are from the US except for the motor (Germany). These products are being sold in the US but also exported to China given their air quality issues. We also built a company that we would want to do business with. Oransi, pronounced (oh-ron-see).

easy to use

We build products that don't require a PhD to operate.


Bottom line, an Oransi product is built to get the job done. All new products are now made in the US and the Erik series uses the best motor and filters in the world.

service is key

Customer service isn't a department but rather a way of doing business and approached by how we would want to be treated with fast, friendly service.

customers are everything

We don't forget that we are in business to serve our customers and would not be here without you. Thanks!

Our Story

Oransi began as an engineer's quest to find better indoor air quality for his asthmatic son.

Here is Peter's story:
When my son was an infant he suffered from asthma and the medications he was prescribed were just awful. They helped with his asthma but the process of strapping on the nebulizer mask was not fun for any of us and the steroids had side effects such as causing him to be miserable, angry, very active and damaged his teeth. Really, how many two year olds visit the dentist for a cavity?

We removed the carpeting from his room and tried to keep it really clean but that only helped slightly. Ionic air purifiers were being marketed at that time but I didn't see them as a viable solution. During this time, I worked my way up to senior manager/director positions at two Fortune 100 companies (Tech Data and Dell) in marketing and operations. I left Dell in 2002 to start an air purifier brand and sold the company in 2009 and it is still successful.

As a Northerner (from Syracuse) who now lives in the South (Austin, TX) I have developed allergies and between my son's asthma and my new appreciation for allergy sufferers, I'm interested in non-invasive solutions or at least something that can minimize the need for drugs.

Oransi was started in 2009 and our initial products have focused on high quality but also affordability especially as it relates to filter replacement costs. We have progressed and now make the best air purifiers in the world. All of our new products are made in the US. Our business is set up differently than most in that our customer service team is made up of stay at home moms in the Austin area. We encourage our employees to work from home since it benefits them and you, so if you hear a pet in the background know that they will be attended to as soon as you are taken care of.

Oransi is a variation of Oranssi, a Finnish word that means orange, a tribute to my hometown and heritage. We are a veteran owned business.

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