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  Max HEPA Air Purifier
v-hepa Max HEPA Air Purifier
Oransi v-hepa Max Air Purifier


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Max HEPA Air Purifier

Only $479 ($429 each for 2 or more).

Max Air Purifier easy to use

Easy to useIt's easy on your wallet and fits easily into your room.

Max test results

EffectiveHigh end performance can remove over 98% of particles with each pass


SmartReads the air quality in your room and can adjust.

Room Size

600 sq ft.

Effective For

Mold, pollen, dust, pet dander


The v-hepa Max air purifier cleans the air so you can breathe better, sleep better and feel better to be your best. You get high-end air purifier performance and a shrewd buy that works with your budget in mind. Besides a washable pre-filter and 98% HEPA filtration you get an activated carbon filter for light odors and gases.

With the v-hepa MAX we've redesigned the filters to make them larger and improved upon the seals to ensure you get the cleanest air possible in a mid-range air purifier. Larger filters means they can be used longer (12 months of continuous use). The v-hepa Max air purifier does it all to clean the air so you can breathe better, sleep better and feel better to be your best. Designed for rooms up to 600 sq ft (20' x 30'). You get high-end air purifier performance and a shrewd buy that works with your budget in mind. Besides a vacuum-able pre-filter and v-HEPA filtration for dust, pollen, mold, and pet dander, you get a large activated carbon filter for light odors and gases, negative ion, dust sensor, and room air quality display.

Simple to use, low cost to operate and quiet compared to competitive air purifiers (v-hepa Max at 34dB to 53dB as compared to 60dB-70dB).

How the v-hepa Max air purifier cleans the air

Pre Filter: The air first enters the pre-filter, capturing the largest particles, which enhances the durability and performance of the other filters.

High-Efficiency v-HEPA Filter: The most effective type of air filter at capturing dust, allergens and other solid particles. Effectively removes up to 98% of airborne pollutant particles that pass through the system. This includes contaminant particles such as pollen, dust mites, smoke, and other airborne impurities as small as 0.3 micron. Unique low air flow resistance technology makes air purifier more powerful and effective.

Activated Carbon Filter: The best type of air filter for trapping chemicals, gases, odors and cigarette smoke. We've doubled the size of the carbon filter making it the best in class of air purifiers. According to Penn State Dept. of Aero-biological researchers, carbon filters serve to remove odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals that other filters cannot.

Anion: The nano piezo-electric ions makes your room more like a natural environment. A Journal of Hygiene study found negative ions to improve efficiency of filter units and multiple studies (including those by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture) have found to be highly effective against dust, etc.

Night Mode: Don't want a bright light shining at night? Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds and the light around the power button will turn off. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to reactivate this light. Note: the blue lights in the center display (ie fan speed display) will remain illuminated but they are not very bright.

Intelligent Air Quality Monitor: gives you a visual indication of the air quality in your room from the front of the air purifier. If operated in auto mode the air quality monitor will adjust the fan speed depending upon the air quality reading. When first started the sensor may flash "AQS" for the first ten minutes. This is to indicate that the Air Quality Sensor is warming up and calibrating.

Troubleshooting: If the air purifier does not power on, remove the front cover and the filters and re-insert each. We have a safety switch that ensures that the cover is completely closed and in shipment the cover may open slightly. Also, if you press the Auto button, the fan speed display will reflect the air quality reading and not the current operating fan speed so there can be a difference. We suggest setting the fan speed where you would like it and then press Auto. If the sensor shows 0 or 1 bars the fan speed will show as Silent, 2 bars is Middle, 3 bars is Strong and 4 bars is Turbo.

High Performance
v-hepa max air purifier test results

Tested to remove as much as 100% of common allergens such as dust, pollen, mold (1+ micron) and 99% of particles with each air pass and in addition eliminates light odors and gases. See the results.


oransi max v-hepa seal

No air by-pass so all of the air is filtered. This is a huge feature and is one reason we have superior air filtration performance. This is due to the v-lock system that creates a seal around the air filter and locks the filter cover in place. The v-HEPA filter also has an insulation material (v-seal) around the edges of the filter media to further prevent any air leakage around the filters

Air Quality Monitor
smart air quality monitor

Codeda monitor keeps track of the air quality in your room and will automatically adjust the fan speed if operated on auto mode.

Filter Replacement Indicators.

max filter replacement indicator

Electronic display alerts you when it is time to check the filters. The Max v-hepa filter also has a color coded guide so you will know when to replace the filters.

Easy to Use
finn uv controls

Simple, intuitive controls with easy filter access.

Easy on Your Wallet

As you know, it’s hard to pay for replacement air filters – that’s why with the Max we have increased the filter media so your filters will last longer and save an average of $113 in the first two years alone. Plus we offer this model at $429 each when 2 or more are ordered plus free shipping. In addition, the Oransi v-hepa Max air purifier draws only 90 watts making it low cost to operate.

Small Footprint and Modern Design

At 8 inches deep the Max air purifier fits nicely against any wall. We also invested heavily in design to bring you an air purifier you are proud to show off and not hide behind the couch.

Attractive neutral color and cool contemporary design that will match any décor. A conversation piece that blends nicely with your room.

Oransi Max HEPA Purifier
Oransi Max HEPA Purifier
safe money back guarantee pro uv

The most practical, effective way to clean the air - guaranteed. See our best in class money back guarantee.

Peace of Mind
warranty max hepa purifier

10 year warranty covers your air purifier for any electrical or mechanical issues.

Certified Safe
max hepa air purifier certifications

The air purifier will stop operating if the cover is open. The v-hepa Finn air purifier has received safety certifications from ETL, GS and CE. Made of durable fire-resistant ABS materials.


Buy with confidence that your credit card information is secure. Rest assured that we will not share your email or other personal information.

  • Low cost to operate
  • Certified Ozone Safe by the State of California Air Resources Board
  • Extended life filter - lower cost for you and better for the environment
  • Employees are encouraged to work from home to reduce emissions in our environment

See our environment section for more.

Technical Specifications
  • Specifications
    • Room Coverage: Most sized rooms - up to 600 sq feet (20' x 30')
    • Air purifier comes with all filters shown (pre-filter, v-HEPA, and activated carbon filter)
    • Noise Level (dB): 34 (speed 1), 41 (speed 2), 47 (speed 3), 53 (turbo)
    • Air Flow(CFM): 147 (speed 1), 185 (speed 2), 205 (speed 3), 245 (turbo)
    • CADR: 230
    • Filters: Vacuumable pre-filter, HEPA type filter, Activated carbon filter
    • v-HEPA filter efficiency: 98%+
    • v-HEPA Filter life: 12 months (12 months if operated continuously and up to 18 months if operated intermittently)
    • V-Seal around filter media prevents air leakage
    • Pre-Filter Life: 12 months
    • Carbon Filter Life: 12 months
    • Filter replacement indicator (alert to check the filters)
    • Fan speeds: 4 plus auto mode
    • Controls: Electronic control
    • Dust/Gas Sensor
    • Timer Settings: 1-12 hours
    • Electronic display with Indoor Air Quality Monitor
    • Anion (negative ion)
    • Dimensions: 17" x 22" x 8"
    • Weight: 18.5 lbs
    • Power: 90 watts,115V, 60Hz
    • Warranty: 10 years (we will replace the purifier if there are any mechanical or electrical issues during the warranty period)
    • Certifications: CE, ETL, GS, RoHS
    • User's Manual

Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 | Total Reviews: 86 Write a review.

Complete set of Replacement Filters for Max
Price (USD) $89.95

Replacement Max Filters
Replacement Pre-Filter for Max
Price (USD) $15.00

Replacement Max Pre-Filter

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
What a relief! March 22, 2015
Reviewer: Geo from Omaha, NE  
I spoke with a knowledgeable customer service rep and she recommened 3 for my home. One in my bedroom, one in the main living area and one for my basement. Great advice, the three of them work great. I suffer from allergies and asthma and these air purifiers work great for me. I would highly recommend these air purifiers to all.

Was this review helpful to you?

  11 of 11 people found the following review helpful:
Very Pleased February 20, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Waited until I had it for a few weeks to review...seems to have made a difference in air quality. Ran in my bedroom and slept better..air feels fresher. Have 2 dogs that dominate the den and after running the air purifier several times, on different days, the room no longer smells like dog and my family doesn't complain of being stuffy and uncomfortable due to the dog dander. Very pleased with my purchase and recommend highly.

Was this review helpful to you?

  7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
Reviewer: Dianne from Snellville, Georgia  
I am 71 years old, living with a son and two large dogs.  My son and I both smoke so the house smelled and was dusty beyond belief.

After SEVERAL days of internet searching, I decided to buy two Oransi Max units.

Used them three weeks and am in disbelief.. Amazed at the absence of the smokers smells.  Overwhelmed by the reduction of dust everywhere.  

The machine was well packaged and ran properly from the minute it was plugged in. The low speed at night is so quiet you can hardly hear it and I am sleeping better and longer than I have in years.  

I had a few questions about the operation, I emailed customer service and their response was almost immediate. These were not "problem" questions, just learning questions. .

I am so happy and honored to tell any readers that what I have said and all the positives in the other reviews for Oransi products is true and it is money well spent to improve the air quality in your home, your health, dust control and smell.

Was this review helpful to you?

  4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Can breathe again January 14, 2015
Reviewer: Peter Bonventre from Leeds  
Omg I was at the point where I could not stay in my own living room.  Hours after plugging in Oransi I could breath.  Best purchase I ever made

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Amazing! January 7, 2015
Reviewer: Rick Gaffney from West Poland ME  
I'm allergic to almost everything, and nothing has ever helped until I bought this product. I can't say that my sinuses are perfectly clear now, but there is a VERY noticeable change for the better. A great product!

Was this review helpful to you?

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