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Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

do air purifiers really work

Air purifiers can play an important part of an overall strategy to breathe cleaner air.  Whether that be for asthma or allergy relief as well as gas, smoke and odor removal.  The question though is, do air purifiers really work?

To assess whether an air purifier will work for you it is important to know what you are looking to remove from the air, how sensitive you are to the pollutant, and the size of the space that needs cleaning.  In our Education Center we provide buying guides to help you through this process.

In our experience we have seen a fair amount of marketing hype with air purifiers over the past 16 years and our goal is to be as objective as possible.  In most cases you get what you pay for.  There is consistent demand for filter-less air purifiers but in our experience they are not very effective if you are looking for allergy or asthma relief.

There are a variety of technologies used in the air purifier space however HEPA based air filtration units provide the best results.  This is what is used to clean the air in planes, hospitals, clean rooms and pharmaceutical manufacturing where it is essential to have the purest air such as with a commercial air purifier.  To date we have not seen a non-HEPA air purifier come close to the particle removal rates you see with a true HEPA or better rated system.  In addition, we may be the only air purifier manufacturer that will tell you that the number of filtration levels in a system is meaningless (you need to look at how much filter media) and the additional technologies that are sometimes used with HEPA (ie PCO – photo-catalytic oxidation, uv, negative ionizers, etc) provide at best a marginal benefit in terms of cleaner air in a room in our experience.

Even with the right HEPA based air cleaner, it’s effectiveness can be limited if it is not sized properly for the room or if there is too much air mixing in with the room – meaning it’s not able to keep up with the air that is circulating through the room.  For example, this can occur if the unit is operating in a room with an open window.  It is important to ventilate in fresh air but this needs to be managed if you are also bringing in pollutants (ie pollen and mold) that you are trying to remove.

We receive feedback daily on how our HEPA air purifiers are improving lives and some of this feedback is available in the form of customer testimonials.  Part of our success stems from being the only company that uses the same filters used in hospital operating rooms and computer clean rooms.

So, do air purifiers really work?  The short answer is yes they do provided you buy a HEPA air purifier that is sized properly for your room and has sufficient air filter quality for the intended purpose.

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